"Beneath My Window Sill"

What is that rustling beneath my window sill?
Is it my dark lover, come for his fill?
He comes to me nearly every night-
and drains me 'til I'm blanching white.
He takes from me, whatever I give.
And I bleed for him. For him I live.
In the night, it is for him that I yearn.
I wait in anticipation, for his return.
He stands before me, his hair flowing-
holding out his hand, his smile, knowing.
His eyes pierce through me, to my soul.
If I take his hand, can I ever let go?
He takes me in to his dark embrace-
causing my pulse to quicken its pace.
Holding me close, he drinks his fill.
Then releases me softly, against my will.
He leaves me again, with the rising sun.
Alone again, I am but one.
I cry out to express my deep despair-
for he has gone I know not where.
I pray for the night that he will decide-
to take me as his immortal bride.
To wander the streets, hunting our prey-
together as one, until the break of day.
What is that sound outside my door?
Is it my love, returned for more?
I see him before me, hand outstretched.
I accept his offer, I have been blessed!

Copyright 1999 Wednesday Moon. All rights reserved.