"I'm Done"

Oh what a tangled web you weave.
You seek to provoke and deceive.
You suck me dry with all your need.
And words like razors make me bleed.

You always berate all your friends-
then go about making amends-
Oh, and with all those tears you cry-
We ought to be soaked, not bone dry.

Yes, you’re the puppet master.
Pull our strings into disaster!
But while we dance upon your stage,
Remember it's YOUR hurt, YOUR rage.

You wallow in your misery
but it no longer includes me.
You have made your bed and your choice-
now listen for once to my voice.

Whatever you're feeling, you own.
And what you think, you think alone.
Go away and find a new pawn.
Get another fool to piss on.

You've used me up and worn me out.
But now I know what you're about.
We aren't "connected" or as "one."
I'm tired of the games. I'm done.

© Copyright 2009 Wednesday Moon. All Rights Reserved.