There was once a half-elven rouge.
An angry looking one was he.
He was also very brave and bright.
And he loved to make money.

One might say he was enterprising.
Many things he bought and sold.
It was really extraordinary,
His knack for making gold.

But he was not just a merchant.
He was an adventurer too.
And one of his grand adventures,
I now recall for you.

One day when he was out riding,
scouting the land for opportunity,
he heard a loud, rumbling roar.
And he uttered an obscenity.

For this rogue knew that sound,
aye, and he knew it well.
A demon had come,
from the very depths of hell.

The demonís name was Galgotha.
It was a horrid creature indeed.
It was sixteen feet tall,
and rode a giant skeletal steed.

It rode throughout the lands,
destroying all in its path.
No one was safe,
from Galgothaís wrath.

The angry looking rogue
was certain his land was doomed
and rode straight away
towards where the roar had boomed.

As he rode his horse
toward a hill in the south
he saw Galgotha before him,
with a sheep in its mouth.

Now the rogue was plenty afraid
as anyone there would be,
but his mind was also racing
on how to beat this enemy.

Calming his furiously beating heart
and steadying his frightened horse
he slowly unsheathed his sword
and continued on his course.

The demon saw his approach
and let out an earth shattering howl.
The wind of its breath was strong
and its smell was utterly foul.

The rogue brought his horse to a halt
and let out a battle cry,
"Leave my land at once you beast,
or else you will surely die!"

The beast was taken aback,
that this rogue would challenge it.
It threw its head back and laughed,
then ate the sheep and spit.

Then it uttered a challenge,
to the rogue who stood there debating,
whether to run or to fight
this beast who stood there waiting.

"Foolish rogue," it spat.
"I should kill you where you stand.
But you humor me,
so Iíll give you a chance in your demand."

"Fight we will, right here and now.
To the death the fight will be.
Of course youíll be the one to die,
for youíll never defeat me."

The rogue stood there pondering,
just how to win this fight.
For he knew the demon
was great in allof its might.

The demon dismounted its steed
and circled the rogue and his mare.
All the while howling,
and giving off an evil stare.

The rogue was trembling,
but he didnít back down.
He dismounted his horse,
and stood his ground.

Galgotha was impressed,
by this half-elfís bravery.
So it opted not to kill him,
but to throw him into slavery.

The demon told this to the rogue,
who stood there all the while.
And then Galgotha sneered at him,
when the rogue flashed an ornery smile.

And as Galgotha turned to mount,
its faithful skeletal steed,
the rogue rushed forward
and stabbed it with agility and speed.

Galgotha roared loudly,
and fell forward against its steed,
but just as quickly it stood upright,
and the wound it did not bleed.

The demon spun around
and lunged at the half-elf
who had by now hidden in shadows,
using cunning and stealth.

He tossed thieveís powder
into the demonís eyes,
who reeled backward, howling,
temporarily paralyzed.

Then the rogue pulled out a scroll,
of magic missiles which he cast.
And hit the demon squarely,
with a solid magical blast.

Galgotha got the powder from its eyes
then swung its long arm
slamming the rogue to the ground
doing him great harm.

The half-elf rogue was hurting,
and struggling for breath.
And he was quite certain
he was about to meet his death.

But before Galgotha
could land the killing blow,
the rogue rolled over,
and leapt to his feet then bent low.

He wielded his sword,
and sliced Galgotha in the shin,
who howled in agony
and punched the rogue in the chin.

The half-elf reeled backward,
and landed on his back.
While Galgotha stepped forward,
to finish its attack.

The rogue quickly sat up
then jumped to his feet,
and scrambled around the demon,
determined to avoid defeat.

The demon lashed out
with its razor sharp claws
but missed the nimble half-elf
who continued to twist and dodge.

Galgotha then rushed him,
and so he dodged to his right,
then lunged forward,
beneath Galgothaís sight.

Aiming above his head,
as he lunged toward the beast,
he pierced Galgothaís belly,
then the weapon he released.

Galgotha fell again,
dropping to its knees,
and uttered guttural noises,
that sounded like fearful pleas.

The rogue picked up a rock,
and smashed Galgothaís face,
sending blood, bone, and teeth
all over the place.

Galgotha fell again,
and landed on its back.
And as it gasped for air,
the rogue resumed his attack.

He drew another sword
and cut off Galgothaís head.
Then he kicked it away,
and the demon was now dead.

So the rogue skinned the beast
and took the skin to sell.
And thatís what became of Galgotha,
the horrid demon from hell.

And the angry looking rogue,
ended up a wealthy man,
selling demonskin boots and armor,
all across the land.

Copyright © 2001 Wednesday Moon. All rights reserved.