I suffer from some sort of vague transparency-
and no one in this world ever notices me.
Even my shadow must be invisible-
for no one ever finds me memorable.

Unless Iím offering some sort of assistance-
or behaving ďbadly,Ē offering resistance-
nothing I do ever seems to matter-
and all the world seems to scatter.

Why do I feel small even as I stand taller than you?
Why am I insignificant no matter what I do?
Is it my fate to fade into obscurity?
What will it take for you to notice me?

No matter what I accomplish or what I achieve-
I will never be accepted, thatís what I believe.
I am unimportant. Invisible. Transparent.
None will ever love me, that is apparent.

As I travel through life Iím completely alone.
And I must do everything all on my own.
No one will call. No one will visit or write.
I must accept this and give up the fight.

© Copyright 2009. Wednesday Moon. All Rights Reserved.