"The Judgment"

When I was young and naive~
I was foolish enough to believe~
that good could come from every soul~
but listen to what I now know.
I have seen the evil that men do~
and the greedy goals that they pursue.
Man does lie and man does deal.
Man does cheat and man does steal.
When the chips are down there's no one else~
because man is only out for himself.
Do not trust man, he will lie to you~
and if you believe him, you're a fool.
You are better off knowing this simple truth.
And if you don't believe me, here is proof~
Man has raped and polluted Mother Earth~
and abused our babies, even from birth.
Man has robbed children and let them go hungry~
then sold their bodies for power and money.
Man values nothing, not even himself.
There is nothing to him but the pursuit of wealth.
It is better to avoid him, if you can.
Listen to me, there is no good in man.

Oh, the sorrow in which I wallow.
It's a bitter pill that I must swallow.
In this maze through which I turn~
humility has been the hardest lesson to learn.
I pray forgiveness from the One who knows~
how self-deception and pity grows.
I was a fool to think I knew~
what men are and the evil they do.
"Man is evil." I was quoted as saying.
And now the price of which I am paying!
Perhaps I was right, I cannot tell~
for right now I am burning in Hell.
For the judgement I passed upon the world~
the punishment has been unfurled.
"Please forgive me!" I cry out in shame~
I have judged the world - I accept the blame.
I must purge this hatred to stay alive.
I must forgive just to survive.
Yes, I must learn to love again~
if I am to pay for my sin.
Yes, I will let go of my anger and hate~
and resign the world to a happier fate.

Copyright 1989 Wednesday Moon. All rights reserved.