When the madness creeps in~
and invades my mind~
I cannot sleep~
I cannot unwind.

I feel alone and lost~
even to myself.
And thereís no one to cling to~
no, thereís no one else.

I face my demons~
as a lost lone fighter.
And I often lose~
and burn in the fire.

A private hell~
reserved only for me.
And I cannot escape~
I can never be free.

So there I lay~
tossing and turning.
Tormented and crying~
my soul is burning.

I hear the voices~
of accusers in my head.
And I grip the sheets~
of my stone cold bed.

I pray for redemption~
and beg for mercy~
even though I realize~
there can be none for me.

The madness is back~
and here it will stay.
Every night~
and every day.

I have no control~
over whatís in my brain.
How horrible it is~
to be slave to such pain.

All of these doctors and pills~
and still no cure.
Iíll be mad forever~
of that Iím sure.

When the madness creeps in~
and warps my thought~
I grow ever more weary~
with each battle Iíve fought.

Iím at war~
with whatís inside of me.
Too bad you donít understand~
and that you cannot see.

Iím not an evil person~
Iím just terrified~
of the enemy within~
of the madness inside....

Copyright © 1999 Wednesday Moon. All Rights Reserved.