Come into my parlor.
Sit down and relax.
While I spin you a tale.
And recount the facts.

Of one known as Nightfall
A fighter-mage-thief.
A half-elf who wrought
much terror and grief.

A brave soul he was.
Tho evil to the core.
He took great delight
in violence and gore.

Throughout the Realm
His chaos did reign
And in his wake
Came horror and pain

Powerful he was.
Near without equal.
To his grand life
There'll ne'er be a sequel.

He defeated many a foe.
From the Native King to Lord Soth.
And he single handedly slew
The fiend Qualtatoth.

Aye, this he did.
As witnesses state
He brought old Q down
To a gruesome fate.

Now the demon Qualtatoth
is Lord of the Abyss
And he stands 12 feet tall
with wings wider than this...(NOTE: open your arms as far wide as you can)

Was Nightfall afraid?
No, not a bit.
He aimed to kill Q.
And so he set to it.

Nightfall did cast
Blink and Stoneskin.
And Faithful Phantom Guardians.
So the battle he could win.

Then with a stab at Q's back
And scrambling about
the battle commenced
the outcome in doubt.

Yes the battle began
with a stab to Q's back
Who turned with a vengeance
with a counter attack.

With Ianthe protecting them,
Mosutha and Ijan ran in
to check on Nightfall
and to watch him win

Yet Q turned on them all
And attacked all three
Ijan fell first
Then next was Ianthe

But Mosutha was spared
And he watched in awe
the battle between Q
and the Legend Nightfall.

Yes, Mosutha fared well.
And lived to see it all.
And the story he told me.
For you I now recall.

The battle raged on
Blows parried, blows landed.
Then Q fell hard
Nightfall winning single handed.

So two demons fought
On Laerad that day
The Legend Nightfall
And Qualtatoth his prey.

Copyright 2001 Wednesday Moon. All rights reserved.