You aim to hurt me by feigning disinterest.
But what you donít see is that I couldn't careless.
Since you wanted it known that you donít care about me~
You can continue your life completely without me.
I have no need of you or your conditions.
Or your constant diatribes and criticism.
Iím glad youíve set me free and wonít be around.
It feels good to be without you with both feet on the ground.
So good bye to you and all of your nasty ways.
Iíll be content to never see you for the rest of my days.
I promise you that one day youíll be alone.
There will be no joy or warmth left in your home.
And when that happens, youíll have no one to blame~
but yourself for your cruelty and abuse. Such a shame!
So go on pretending that you donít give a damn.
Of the two of us, itís you whoís the sham.

Copyright © 1999. Wednesday Moon. All Rights Reserved.