"The Ultimate Vampire"

You are the ultimate vampire.
You donít need fangs to bite.
You are as deadly in the day~
as you are in the night.

With your ever turning hands~
and oh, so stoic face~
your stare is felt by everyone~
and everything in every place.

You feast not on blood~
but on the newness of all things.
You steal not souls~
instead you take away hopes and dreams.

And just as a vampire~
can never cast a reflection~
you cannot be seen~
by any eye or from any direction.

But even so we mark your journey~
as you take away each lifeís breath.
And we give you a voice~
with bells that chime in death.

You are the ultimate vampire.
For no stake, sunlight, or cross~
will ever be able to stop you.
Against you all else is a loss.

Copyright © 2001 Wednesday Moon. All rights reserved.