"Vampire's Kiss"

He hunts beneath the silvery eye of night.
A ravenous hunger is his only companion.
His eyes glow with an eerie light.
And you will be lost once you look into them.
For under his spell, you will find yourself~
a victim of his desire.
And no amount of cunning or stealth~
will save you from the evil vampire.
You can try to run and try to hide~
but he will find you where ever you are.
He is in no hurry, time is on his side.
And he won't let you get too far.
As you run and seek cover in the trees~
and pray that you won't be found~
your scent is carried on the breeze~
and he comes upon you without a sound.
Before you know it, you're in his embrace.
Entrapped in his will for your blood.
He savors your fear and then takes a taste~
of your life offering, which comes in a flood.
As you close your eyes, you let out a sigh.
And resign yourself to sweet bliss.
Who knew how sweet it could be to die?
To die from a vampire's kiss?

Copyright 1999 Wednesday Moon. All Rights Reserved.